Our story


Bad Demon, founded by Ryan Royce, is a film and video production compay that has its roots in narrative short form media and commercials. 

Over time Bad Demon has grown it’s team to include marketing, graphic design and photography services.

Today Bad Demon uses cutting edge gear and techniques to create high-end cinematic commercial videos, music videos, documentaries and fiction films.

We pride ourselves for working with our clients to bring their vision to life, through video.

Why Choose Us?

We inspire action

We tell stories that turn your goals into actual outcomes that will have a positive, expanding and ongoing ripple effect in your business.
By connecting with your audience on a human level, we help promote your call to action and create loyal fans for your brand.

A full package company

Our team of professionals work with you step by step to offer a full-service digital media experience. Even once a project is completed, we support you with marketing and revenue generating strategies to maximize your audience impact.

Collaborative creation

We strive to make each project unique and individual, working closely with you to help grow your brand and produce content that stands well apart from the ‘clutter’ and performs above and beyond the ‘average’ every single time.

Global production

Our team of creators travel the world and are available to produce projects globally. We also produce localized content for international clients right here in London whenever physical travel is not necesseary.

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